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A quick introduction of

I started this website in June 2005, even though I was meant to start in April 2004 but delays occurred on the way so it became more than a year late. However, now this website is filled with pictures (mostly SL buses) for you to enjoy. The pictures taken before January 2006 were all taken by my compact camera and now and onwards all pictures were/are taken by my DSLR Olympus E500.

This website was started with a main focus in SL, however, now I've been in most places around Stockholm and took pictures of about 70% of all the SL buses in Stockholm and therefore now and then, especially from this summer, you will be expecting to find pictures from other places such as Eskilstuna and Uppsala.

/Yujin - March 2006


A general description of what each of the sections contain:

Home - Takes you back to the homepage.

Introduction - A quick guide of this website and the contents.

Who am I? - A quick description about myself.

Photo Album - Here is where most of the pictures are found. The pictures are sorted after entrepreneurs and then after their vehicle number.

Travel Report - Here is a section which I publish the longer and more meaningful traveling in which I've done in a day, usually with a lot of text as well.

Picture of the Week - Every week a new picture will be elected as the Picture of the Week, however, there are times when I don't have time to update the website, so the same picture might last for a couple of weeks.

Stockholmsförsöket - Special page dedicated to the Stockholm congestion fee, but focuses mainly on the new bus routes that were made during this trail-period.

Extra/Plus - Here is the section for SL related things that don't really contains buses or trains in them; it could be a report on a station or a report on a special bus etc.

Other Topics - A  section dedicated to times when I took some other nice pictures, not just of buses.

Links - The section that shows the links of other topic related websites.


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