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         Who am I? 

         Hello Everybody!!!



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My name is Yujin Zhang.

I originally come from Harbin, which is located in the north of China. I moved over to Stockholm Sweden in August 1999 when I was 7 years old.


My interested in local transportation has started since the day I was born. But it never got serious until around year 2002-2003, where I started to travel more and more out of the city (as in traveling to zone 4 and 5). I started to photograph buses in the beginning of 2004, although the majority of the pictures which you will find here are from June 2005 or later.


The school that I go to is Rödabergsskolan, which is located in central Stockholm, in Vasastan. I currently go to 9EN, which is the 9th grade, English class; they also have 9A and 9B, which are Swedish class and the bilingual class. I am also a member of the Elevrådet Högstadiet, Skolråd and the Representative person for Rödabergsskolan. Apart from this, I achieve MVG grades on most subjects and enjoy my school a lot.


I have been to almost every where in Stockholm; you name it, and I bet ya that I've been there.

Although there are still a few destinations left, such as Malma Kvarn, Bergby, Abrahamsby and Sluts Brygga.


Since the summer of 2005, I started having my camera with me every time I got out, even during school times, just in case if there are anything special/unexpected things occurring.

I've met a whole lot of nice drivers in Stockholm, and know quite a few of them. Majority of the bus drivers in Stockholm is very good, although there are some drivers now and then where they refuse to allow me to photograph the bus.


I will try to put most of the pictures in which I've taken here on the website, but can't promise that all the pictures will be on the website. And since school has started now, this website unfortunately have to be moved from first priority to second priority, but I will do my best to updated as frequently as possible.




/Yujin Zhang

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