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Note: This page is not a high priority right now. So all the pictures will be put into Photo Album.


Vägvärket, The Swedish Road Administration have decided to have a test-trial of "Trängelsavgift", or something like Traffic Jam Fee. The fee would cost between 0SEK, during day time, none-rush hour, and weekends. And it can cost up to 20SEK single, but maximum one can pay is 60SEK in 24 hours.

The trail period will be held between 3rd of January to 31st of July of 2005. And then in late September, people of Stockholm will have a vote on whether to continue will it or no. Now, most people without cars will obviously vote yes, and people with cars will vote no. So it's basically to see whether there are more car owners, or more people which takes public transportation.

Now, this is a big gain for SL, since the profit of this will be huge; unfortunately, so far, I haven't got the numbers I need in order to count the profit per day (per 24 hours), and anyone who is interested in helping me can send me an e-mail to info@slinfo.se.


Well, due to this, SL have introduce 14 new bus lines, with 206 new bus, of which 197 are Volvo B9S/Volvo 8500LEA and 9 Scania OmniLink. Amazing, all 206 buses are have diesel engines, which is interesting since SL is trying to be more environmental, when they are placing such a big order of buses which have diesel engines! Well, luckily, 120 new Scania OmniLink, with ethanol engines will be delivered during 2006-2008 to SL as part of the Stockholmsförsöket.


Here are the 14 new bus lines (you can click on the respective bus line to read more information about it, if it's available):


Route Nr.            Destination                                                                                                        

151X                    Fridhemsplan - Norsborg, via E4

221X                    Ropsten - Larsberg, via Lidingö Centrum

481X                    Vattugatan - Nämdöstigen, via road 222 then Björknäs Centrum-Orminge Centrum

484X                    Vattugatan - Mölnvik, via road 222 then Farsta Slott-Gustavsberg

485X                    Vattugatan - Hemmest Vägskäl, via road 222 then Grisslinge

561X                    Sergels Torg - Aspnäs Skola, via E4-Viksjö

608X                    Humlegården - Norrgården, via E18-road 264-Bällstaberg-Vallentuna

624X                    Humlegården -> Åkersberga Station/Söraskolan -> Humlegården, via E18

628X                    Humlegården - Margretelunds Centrum, via E18

670X                    Humlegården - Söderhamnsplan, via E18-road 274

680X                    Humlegården - Överby, via E18-road 274-Engarn

746X                    Fridhemsplan - Visättra, via Västberga Ind. Omr.-Älvsjö-Huddingevägen-Huddinge Station

747X                    Fridhemsplan - Skäcklinge, via E4-Huddinge Sjukhus-Tumba

815X                    Vattugatan - Tyresö Kyrka


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