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Stomlinjeresa Part I

Here comes part one of the trip!

A picture of Yujin and Jim in front of Swebus 5392 as 875 bounding for Gullmarsplan right before departure.


Tyresö Kyrka; station plate.


Swebus 5392 at Tyresö kyrka before departure; the bus driver to the left of the bus and Jim to the right.


We took 875 to Tyresö centrum where we changed to 872 to cover Farmastigen area.


However, we did not take 872 all the way to Gullmarsplan, instead, we changed to 873 at Norra Sköndal. It turned out to be the same driver and bus as the 875 we took not so long ago. Unfortunately due to the lack of time at Nyfors, I just managed to take a picture of the display with the text "Nyfors".


Then it was time to take the bus back to Norra Sköndal where we changed to 172 to take it all the way to Norsborg.


At Norsborg the driver came a couple minutes early which took off some of the rush we had on us.


From Norsborg we took the subway to Skärholmen, which came 1 minute late, making our schedule more stressful since we only had 4 minutes on us to change to 173 at Skärholmen.


So we ran out like idiots and caught the 173, which happened to be an ironic case. Why? Well, Busslink 5331 use to run in Stockholm City, on the stomlinje = it was blue, but repainted to red when it was moved to Nybodahallen, but now, it's running on 173, which is a stomlinje!


We arrived more or less on time at Skarpnäck and I noticed a 172 standing at the bus stop on the other side so we ran over to it and basically forgot to take a picture of it(!). But for authentic sakes, that 172 was Swebus 4458 for those who suspect us of cheating. Anyhow, we took that 172 to Norra Sköndal and a 875 to Gullmarsplan was right behind it. Note that we are now 15 minutes ahead of schedule since we caught the previous 172.


A short ride later, we got off at Gullmarsplan and then took bus 3 to Södersjukhuset, about 6 mintues away and took Busslink 7024 to Slussen.


At Slussen we had about 14 minutes on us to visit the food shop and buy our dinners there which consisted of chicken pasta sallad. Then we took 474 to Hemmesta väkgsäl.


About 45 minutes later and a new driver, we arrived at Hemmesta vägskäl and had about 15 mintues on us to stretch our legs and take a break.


Here at Gustavsbergs centrum the driver on 422 was nice enough to wait for us passengers coming from Hemmesta with 474 even though he was suppose to depart 3 minutes ago.


Then it was time for a quick walk over to Nämdöstigen, about 6 minutes away by walk to take 471 to Slussen.


Toilet break and a short talk with another bus driver at Slussen before we got on bus 3 bounding for Karolinska sjukhuset.


At Karolinska sjukhuset we had plenty of time on us before the 607 was going to depart for Danderyds sjukhus...


...which we took to Sollentuna station and changed to 179 to take it ALL the way to Vällingby.


At Vällingby we ran over to bus 541 and took that to Jakobsbergs station, currently about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.


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