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Documented: 2006-12-29

Friday 29th December 2006. Today is the very last of SL's Trängselsbuss project which started about 16 months ago, 21st August 2005.
Due to my traveling the previous day and the late return, I was not able to photograph the buses during the morning of 29th December, so I satisfied myself with the afternoon rush hour.

153X Fridhemsplan-Bredäng

Today's 153 consists of two FAC and one Busslink bus. This bus line is very unpopular and in my opinion, it should have been tooken away a long time ago.


745X Fridhemsplan-Rönninge station


151X Fridhemsplan-Norsborg
746X Fridhemsplan-Visättra
747X Fridhemsplan-Skäcklinge

151X is the only bus line that will remain, even though I seriously have other opinions about that decision. The one that I would miss the most is 747X since it has 15th minute traffic into the "city" from Huddinge sjukhus in the afternoons, comparing to 726 which is every 30th minute.

608X Humlegården-Vallentuna

624X Humlegården-Åkersberga station

628X Humlegården-Margretelunds centrum

670X Humlegården-Vaxholm

680X Humlegården-Resarö (did not get any picture this day)



Here is the very last Trängselsbuss for Täby, 608X to Vallentuna from 18:35:


And the VERY, very last Trängselsbuss is 747X from Huddinge sjukhus at 21:45:

Shame on you, Swebus Botkyrka for not having a B9S and instead a B7LA on the last departure!


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