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Documented: 2006-12-18

After school today, I got a SMS from a friend of mine saying that Busslink 4433 is currently running on bus 2 so of course I needed to document it.
I ran to Odenplan where I took the subway to Slussen and I just happen to catch it before it left for Sofia.

After a round to Sofia, we arrive here at Odenplan boudning for Norrtull about six minutes late.


After a quick round to Norrtull the driver drove back to Sofia; here we are stuck in traffic on Hamngatan, right after Norrmalmstorg.

At Sofia the driver drove to the close by garage and had his rest. Some 30 minutes later he got orders to drive to Hornstull and drive between Hornstull and Fridhemsplan. During the trip to Hornstull, I decided to have some fun with the BussPC and made "807 Uppsala" on the destination plate and the driver stopped at stops like Skanstull and confusing passengers walked forward...

At Hornstull I somehow managed to change the number to 992 and "992X Fridhemsplan", but luckily no passengers got confused from this.

At Fridhemsplan I decided to change the destination to "645 Hornstull" and again no passengers even bothered pointing it out...

After the ride to Hornsberg I followed him back to Fridhemsplan and to Hornstull again before he drove back to Hornsbergshallen (bus garage) and he offered me a ride to Telefonplan, a subway station south of Stockholm.


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