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Picture of the Week - Week 3

This week's Picture of the Week is taken from one of my "Documented" sections. The reason for this is because lately there have been talks of "playing" around with the BussPC (the unit that controls the display on the destination plates) and it eventually ended up with rumours saying that the driver (on the picture) got fired from Busslink because of him allowing me to "play" with it.
For the sake of Busslink, and me and all the others, I've decided to put it out straight here on this week's Picture of the Week about what happened:
>> The driver allowed me to "play" with the BussPC on Busslink 4433.
>> RUMOURS state that two passengers have complained to SL about this.
>> RUMOURS have then spread to me and another person that the driver on the picture IS fired from Busslink.
>> Last Friday the other person had a meeting with Busslink Hornsberg regarding this specific issue and the bottom is that THE DRIVER ON THE PICTURE IS
NOT FIRED! Instead, Busslink had to pay fine for showing the wrong destination.
So if anyone else still is wondering over this, STOP, there is nothing to wonder about! Those of you that were spreading the rumour, be ashamed of yourself!

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