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Picture of the Week - Week 34

Week 34, SL (and rest of Sweden if not have already done so) switches from summer timetable to winter timetable. The general definition of that is the increase in traffic and in most cases also the traveling time between place A to B depending on the specific situation.

But changing to the winter timetable also mean changes made, like this. From August 21st 2006, Swebus has taken over Kallhällsgaraget, formally ran by Connnex. As it happened, Swebus bought some 80 (and more) MAN buses, about half half regarding articulated and not articulated. And that day, August 21st 2006, I was in the Kallhäll region in order to document the change. Like usual, the first day will always be a bit rough no matter the what you are doing. However, I felt they did pretty good on the first day until at Kungsängen when I was planning to take 557. There, their brand new 6506 broke down, which was scheduled to run to Sigtuna and back. The consequence followed by this was that the departure to and from Sigtuna was cancelled so passengers had to wait some one hour and thirty minutes for the next bus, which only goes up to Håtuna kyrka, approxiamately 20 minutes away from Sigtuna, and for those going to Sigtuna or the stretch between Håtuna and Sigtuna, well...

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