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--> Picture of the week - Week 33



The time is 12:09 and the X60 finally arrived!!!

Today would be the inauguration of the X60. Citypendeln 6010 arrived at 12:00 with all the major SL staffs. Platform number 10 was very full, although I must admit the trains weren't really overloading. And there were quite a few people (about 5-10%) which took this advantage and took this free ride either to Västerhaninge or 


The day was celebrated with ice creams, drinks and information blankets. There were tons of people taking pictures even though the weather was not perfect.

This marks the new generation of SL's commuter train, and not only does it mark the next generation, this is a big milestone in which SL has reached. This train is way quieter both inside and outside and the seats are really comfortable. The only problem about this train is that the interior is a bit cold, not like the X10s where the interior is more of yellow to green, while this one is pure white with blue seats.

The first official service is rumored to run on the 06:08 train from Kungsängen on the 22nd of August 2005, even though this train has been running for the last 3 weeks already, hidden, that is.



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