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            Picture of the Week - Week 20

The last summer before Connex leaves Kalhäll and Swebus steps in. WHAT A RELIEF!

Connex in terms of buses is probably among the smallest entrepreneurs for SL as it only has two garages nowadays, one in Råsta and one in Kalhäll. A couple of months ago, Kalhäll garage was up for handle, and luckily, Swebus won the five year contract instead of Connex's reign of terror lasting for another five years. According to the contract, new buses will be ordered, combined with older buses brought by Swebus, and therefore leaving the Connex's buses with Connex.

Even since Connex stepped in (after change from Linjebuss), it has only got worse and worse, anywhere from drivers not respecting each other to simply not caring about passenger safety; bottom line: THANK GOD CONNEX IS LEAVING! JUST HOPE THEN GET OUT OF STOCKHOLM FOR GOOD!

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