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Picture of the Week - Week 1

A new entrepreneur enters Stockholm...
So a new year has started and on the bus front, we have a few news updates, such as Busslink's contract with MAN regarding 30 biogas bogie buses and SL's final Scania OmniLink ethanol order (since they have decided to stop with the ethanol project and put their money on biogas instead).
Another news is that we will have a new entrepreneur, a Danish one, coming into Stockholm: Arriva. They've won Ekerö (Busslink's offer was just 20,000SEK more according to sources) and Märsta (Busslink pulled themselves out in the last minute due to economic problems). Personally, I'm totally against Arriva. I'm against their employee politics (such as the fact that not all former Swebus driver in Ekerö and Märsta will get jobs when Arriva takes over), their uniforms (looks like pure communism) and their drivers (and trust me, the way the driver treats costumers depends A LOT on the company they work for); the only good thing about Arriva is probably their bus fleet in Skåne, consisting of a huge number of Scania OmniLink bogie (as the one on the pictures).
But once again, let's not judge before we give them a chance and see how they cope with it.

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