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Picture of the Week - Week 12

As the school term approaches towards the end (even though it's only at the end of March), more and more homeworks and tests are stacking up here and therefore I won't be able to put up a new picture for every week, and will try to keep it going at least every other week.
This week's however is a picture of Busslink 6318 which belongs to Busslink Norrtälje and stationed in Hallstavik, north of Stockholm. What is special about this picture is that the bus is going on a route that doesn't have anything to do what so ever with SL. There are bus routes like 639, UL805, UL807 etc that are UL bus routes (except for 639), but the traffic is shared upon Swebus Uppsala and Busslink Norrtälje. In the case of UL832, it is completely UL (Swebus's) and this bus is an unannonced departure from Frösåkersskolan in Östhammar to the nuclear powerplant in Forsmark.

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