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     Red Line Buses-on-rail Service

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From May 2006, part of the Red Line (Tub2) branch will be closed down for renovation along the railway. During this period, SL had put in 3 bus routes for stage one and 2 bus routes for stage two. The entrepreneurs that won the handle is Swebus, which represents approximately 60% of the total traffic, Busslink 35% and Connex 15%.


Stage 1:

The stretch between Liljeholmen and Fruängen (LIH-FRU) will be completely closed down for extensive renovations between May 8th 2006 to June 18th 2006. Most trains that bound for Liljeholmen during day time will terminate at Axelsberg, which is located on the Norsborg branch; this is done to create more space at Liljeholmen.

SL has set in 3 bus routes, and they are:

Line 14

Liljeholmen-Midsommarkransen-Telefonplan-Hägerstensåen (-Västertorp-Fruängen)

Bus 14 will be the slowest one, also known as the local line between Liljeholmen and Fruängen. Its frequency is approximately the same with Tub2's regular timetable between Liljeholmen and Hägerstensåsen and every 20th (during the day)/30th (rest of the time) to Fruängen. All buses on this line will be run by Swebus's Mercedes Citaro Articulated, Scania OmniLink and Neoplan Articulated.

Line 15


This bus will serve as a shuttle bus, with no stops in between, from Liljeholmen to Fruängen and back. It's every 10th minute during the day, and every 5th minute during the rush hour in only one direction (FRU-LIH morning/LIH-FRU evening). This service is replaced by line 14 after late nights (approximately 22:00).

Line 16


Another shuttle bus with no stops in between, except this time bounding for Västertorp. This service runs every 10th minute throughout the day, and replaced by service 14 after late nights (aaproximately 22:00).


Stage 2:

During this period (19th June 2006 to 20th August 2006), the stretch between Telefonplan and Fruängen (TFP-FRU) will be completely closed down for renovation. Two bus routes are set in to serve the people living on this branch.

The two services are:

Line 14

This bus is the same as the line 14 for stage 1, with the exception for that it terminates at Telefonplan. It will run in 10th minute intervals to Västertorp, with every third bounding for Fruängen. During nights and mornings it will have the same frequency as how the regular Tub2 line 14 will have had for this period.

Line 15

Direct bus to Fruängen, with no stop in between. It will run in 10th minute interval throughout the day, however replaced by line 14 after 22:00.


At the same time, service 141 is extended to Liljeholmen from Telefonplan, having the same route as service 14, also, articulated buses from Örebro will be set into traffic on service 141.

Service 147 will get a 200%-250% increase in its frequency, mainly aimed for people commuting on the Tub2 branch between LIH and TFP, and the Örebro buses will also be used on this service.

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