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SL Stations

Here, I will put up lists of SL stations. I've sorted them by alphabetical order, with one document per letter.

Please Note: This project was done 100% by me. All of the station information on the documents are taken from SL's Linjebeskrivning.

As a connecting page to this section, I've made a page which focuses mainly on the pictures of the bus stations, however, that page won't be updated until spring or summer of 2006 due to lack of time, anyhow, you can visit it by clicking here.


All the documents here are in pdf format, therefore you need Acrobat Reader in order to read these documents.

All the notes in the document is in Swedish except for the copyright notice. None of the files are too big with the exception for the two introduction/guideline pages.


Simply click on the letter of your choice and you will find a list of all the bus stations in SL region starting with that letter.


Guidelines to Reading SL Stations (English Version)

Guidelines to Reading SL Stations (Swedish Version)


Letter A Letter H Letter O Letter V/W
Letter B Letter I Letter P Letter X
Letter C Letter J Letter Q Letter Y
Letter D Letter K Letter R Letter Z
Letter E Letter L Letter S Letter Å
Letter F Letter M Letter T Letter Ä
Letter G Letter N Letter U Letter Ö


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>> Bus pictures from Hälsingland!


Latest Update:

Station Plate Pictures for N:a Lidingö bus routes!

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