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     Roslagsbanan buses-on-rail Service

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Since the beginning of SL's summer timetable 2006, the Visinge-Kårsta branch on Roslagsbanan has been closed down for maintainance work. Extra buses were, of course put in service in order to compensate for the trains between Visinge and Kårsta.

The bus routes were simple; two bus routes:


Line 27

This is the base route which passes by all of the Roslagsbanan stations/stops between Visinge and Kårsta with the exception of Täby Kyrkby were the bus stops at the stop "Hagmövägen". This service in principle runs at the same interval as how the Roslagsbanan should've run if it was in service, i.e. mostly two departures per hour per direction.


Line 27X

This route is more or less an express route always bouding for Lindholmen in the afternoon rush hour and bouding for Visinge in the non-rush hour. It only stops at the main stops along the route and has typically about 4-6 departures per direction per day.


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