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Pendeltåg Ersättningsbuss


Last Sunday, October 1st 2006, part of the south branch of Stockholm's pendeltåg was closed down for maintenance work. It was basically between Östertälje-Södertälje centrum and Södertälje centrum-Gnesta. Buses-on-rail service were set in, however, they worked far different from what it said on
According to, there were three bus lines going:
>> Östertälje-Södertälje hamn-Södertälje centrum, every 10th/30th minute
>> Östertälje-Södertälje centrum, every 15th minut with connection to the pendeltåg at Östertälje.
>> Södertälje centrum-Gnesta, departing at the same time as what the Gnesta train would have departed.
However, in reality, it was nothing like it; instead, it really was like this:
>> Östertälje-Södertälje hamn-Södertälje centrum, every 15th minute with connection to pendeltåg at Östertälje.
>> Östertälje-Södertälje centrum, departs approx. 2 minutes after the Södertälje hamn-Södertälje centrum bus.
>> Gnesta-Södertälje centrum, with connection to Södertälje-Östertälje bus at Södertälje hamn, which was not stated on SL's website.
>> Södertälje centrum-Södertälje hamn, local bus service running every 10th minute.
>> Södertälje hamn-Gnesta, not following any schedule; random departures.
>> Buses form Gnesta left at even XX:29s adn XX:45s.

Pictures from the day:


Swebus 5784 m.fl. informationsblad Info. skärmen Omstigning... X10 3115
X10 3124 Swebus 3751 Swebus 3751 Swebus 3751 Swebus 5196
Swebus 5197 Swebus 5197 Swebus 5782 Swebus 5784 Swebus 5784
Swebus 5785 Swebus 6157 Swebus 6161

Södertälje hamn

Swebus 5199 Swebus 5199 Swebus 5496 Swebus 5784 Swebus 6157
Södertälje centrum
X1 3095 + 3075 X10... Swebus 5360 Swebus 5782 Swebus 5784
Swebus 6157 Swebus 6161 Swebus 6277


Swebus 3751 Swebus 5199
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