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A year ago, I started with my old friend to plan a traveling known as "No 36/37", which meant that you would pass by all of the commuter train line 36 and 37's stations by bus. However, it seemed impossible with line 37 since there's extremely limited amount of buses which go all the way down to Gnesta. So a week ago, I reopened this project, but this time only line 36 and it worked. So here comes the pictures:


The day started early. I had to leave home at 05:50 in order to catch the first bus 40 for the day, which is at 05:53. Amazingly, the amount of passengers on this bus was almost equivalent to the amount that you usually have during the rush hours!


Then I got off at Universitetet Norra and changed to bus 540 to Ulriksdals Station, with me being the only passenger onboard, at least until Ulriksdals Station.


And a 13 minute wait until the commuter train came. The train was about 70% full, which amazed me since it's still pretty early and there's already people commuting out of the city.


And then it was time to start. Starting time: 07:00.

The first station would obviously be Märsta:


Then I took 576 to Löwenströmska Sjukhuset. What a ride! It was so bumpy due to the fact that OmniCitys are not really designed to drive at a constant speed of 90km/h.


No good pictures of Rosersbergs Station was taken, so therefore I don't have any available.


After a detour, that is to say via Löwenströmska Sjukhuset, I took 568 back to Upplands Väsby which is the third station counting from Märsta.


Upplands Väsby:


After 16 minutes resting time, the same bus, Swebus 4174, came which will drive me to Rotebro as bus 533.


Next station: Rotebro


Then I waited for 30 minutes until the 520 came, which covers 3 stations: Norrviken, Häggvik, and Sollentuna.


Due to the fact that this bus was late in the beginning, I wasn't able to take any pictures of Norrviken and Häggvik.

And next station is Sollentuna:


Then it would be a 6 minutes ride from Sollentuna Station to Anhaltsvägen and then a short run to Helenelunds Station.


then a short jog/run to:

...Helenelund...with just enough time to take this picture before...


...178 came.

I took bus 178 to Bergshamra Bro and changed to 509 at Bergshamra Centrum, therefore I saved 15 minutes on it.


Then 509 to Solna Station, passing by Ulriksdal.


And a slow walk over to the other side and got on to bus 515 to Odenplan with 0782:



And then bus 42 to Karlbergs Station.


Karlberg with its sligtly modern design.


Then with the same bus, but on route 72 to Dalagatan:


And then I took bus 47 to Centralen.


Of all of the places that you can photograph at Stockholms Central, why did I choose this place? No idea...


Then I rushed over to the other side to take bus 52 to Fridhemsplan.

At Fridhemsplan, I took bus 4 to Gullmarsplan and took a picture of Stockholms Södra:


Then bus 144. This bus was 7 minutes late, but despite that fact, it was still very empty throughout the way.


Älvsjö Station. Probably the biggest hanging plate in the commuter train stations?


And after having my lunch there, I took 163 to Fruängen.


Swebus 4271, with the driver trying to figure out how to use BussPC...

It's suppose to say 703 Huddinge C. I took it to Huddinge Centrum, passing by Stuvsta Station.


...and then Huddinge Station...


Afterwards I took bus to Huddinge Sjukhus and changed to 713.


Since I had about 30 minutes wait at Huddinge Sjukhus, I decided to take 713 to Visättra Sportcenter, which is about 8 minutes away from Huddinge Sjukhus.

And then took this bus back to Huddinge-Tullinge and Tumba. But unfortunately, this bus was late the whole way,. so I didn't have time to take a picture of Tullinge and Tumba Station.


And look! It's the same bus running on 725! I took this same bus to Rönninge Station, where I had a lonnnngggg break before the 708 was going to come...


Rönninge Station. Notice that advertisement on top,  I'm 100% advertising their company in a way right now, since you are reading this, and look! There's that restaurant!


After the cold and harsh waiting time, the driver finally opened the door. Notice how the outer glass sheet on the destination plate is cut away. Apparently, someone/some group of people threw rocks on it and Swebus instead of fixing it, they just simply took away that layer!


Already dark! And I still have 4 hours to go!


Then to Fittja and 748 to Södertälje Centrum. Now that it's dark, the picture qualities only get worse..

What a detour! To go from Rönninge to Södertälje, I had to go to Hallunda, Fittja and then Södertälje.


At Södertälje, I changed the order of the stations, since it proved almost impossible to do it in the correct order. So I did: Södertälje Centrum, Södertälje Hamn and Öststertälje.


Unfortunately, no good shots of bus 754 was taken, so I can only view this -/- quality destination plate picture that I took.


Then Södertälje Hamn...


...my ride back to Södertälje Centrum.


And time for the last station, Östertälje.


And FINALLY!!! The last station, Östertälje, done after 11 hours on the road!!!

Now it's time to go home.


My Conclusion: I felt that this traveling was really successfully done, 75 minutes earlier done than the originally planned schedule because SL was pretty kind to me today.

I would definitely recommend those of you which likes to spend a day traveling to do this traveling. The landscape, people, culture, nature, everything changes as you go from place to place.

If you want the schedule of this traveling, then feel free to e-mail me at info@slinfo.se.

/Yujin - November 1st 2005


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