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This summer, one of the rails are closed for renovation between Slussen and Gullmarsplan just like what happened two years ago, in summer of 2003.

Due to this, the traffic between Slussen and Gullmarsplan are extremely limited, so all lines have 30th minute intervals at around these areas.

However, there are extra trains going from Rådmansgatan-Hässelby Strand/Hässelby Strand-Hötorget and Hagsätra-Gullmarsplan/GlobenHagsätra.


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Train Lines during this period:

Line       Destinations                               

17         Skarpnäck-Hässelby Strand

18         Farsta Strand-Hässelby Strand

19         Hagsätra-Åkeshov

19         Hagsätra-Gullmarsplan/Globen-Hagsätra

19         Rådmansgatan-Hässelby Strand/Hässelby Strand-Hötorget


Extra Bus Lines set in between Sergels Torg-Gullmarsplan-Bagarmossen/Hökarängen-Farsta/Globen:

Line      Destinations                                

100       Sergels Torg-Södermalm-Gullmarsplan

101       Sergels Torg-Södermalm-Gullmarsplan-Bagarmossen

102       Sergels Torg-Södermalm-Gullmarsplan-Hökarängen-Farsta Strand

103       Sergels Torg-Gullmarsplan-Farsta Strand

104       Sergels Torg-Gullmarsplan-Hökarängen

105       Sergels Torg-Södermalm-Gullmarsplan-Globen

106       Sergels Torg-Gullmarsplan-Globen

180X     Gullmarsplan-Kärrtorp


Bus and Train intervals:

Line      Interval                                         

17        Every 30th minute from/to Skarpnäck to/from Hässelby Strand

18        Every 30th minute from/to Farsta Strand to/from Hässelby Strand

19        Every 30th minute between Gullmarsplan and Hötorgeta and Rådmansgatan and Gullmarsplan, and between Åkeshov and Hässelby Strand

           Every 15th minute between Hagsätra and Gullmarsplan and Globen and Hagsätra/Every 15 minute  between Rådmansgatan and Åkeshov and Åkeshov and Hötorget.

100      Every 10th minute throughout the day; every 15 minute after 22:00.

101      Every 10th minute throughout the day; every 15 minute between 06:00, and after 22:00 during weekends.

102      Every 10th minute throughout the day; every 15 minutes after 22:00; every 15th minute to city during morning rush hour, every 15th minute from city during evening rush hour.

103      Every 10th minute between 07:00-09:00 heading for city and 15:00-19:00 from city.

104      Every 10th minute between 07:00-09:00 heading for city and 15:00-19:00 from city.

105      Every 30th minute throughout the day, up to 00:00 during weekdays and up to 01:00 during weenends. With connection to line 19 from Globen to Hagsätra.

106      Every 30th minute between 07:00-20:00 weekdays and connections availible to line 19 from Globen to Hagsätra.


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