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Documented: 2007-01-12

Today after I school I decided to travel to Tekniska högskolan/Östra station to photograph the biogas buses running on bus 4 from 2007 and onwards, however before I went there I needed to go home first in order to pick up the camera and the tripod...

When I arrived there, I came up with these goals to accomplish during this photo session:
1. Photograph biogas buses on line 4

2. Photograph 628T

3. Photograph any other unusual things at Östra station

We start with the three biogas buses I caught on picture:

Busslink 5387 bounding for Gullmarsplan.

Busslink 5397 at Östra station bounding for Radiohuset.


Busslink 5397 again, but this time buonding for Gullmarsplan.


And lastly, Busslink 7007 bounded for Gullmarsplan.


Then bus 628T:

This bus, Busslink 6336, is so new that it hasn't even received the number sticker on it yet; it's probably its first week out in traffic.


And three more 628T pictures...


Then I took a picture of 680:

680 has changed number several times if I remember correct. It all started with 673, then 680, and then 680X and now back to 680... The destination has always been the same, except for the 680X era where it continued to Humlegården...

A picture of Busslink 6332 as 608 Vallentuna. Note that the destination plate is still not calibrated properly hence the big "X" (where isn't even suppose to be there) and the small "Vallentuna".

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