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Documented: 2006-11-27

Since the summer, the stretch between Lindholmen and Kårsta has been closed down for intense maintainance, among others, the rail was changed and some sharp curves were decrease, making it less bumpy when traveling Roslagsbanan.

November 27, 2006 is the officially the first day of the start of the traffic all the way up to Kårsta, and of course I was interested in documenting this occurrance. So I contacted Roslagståg AB, the entrepreneur for Roslagsbanan and arranged with them to pick me up at Frescati around 04:40 so I could go on the "empty run" to Kårsta, hence able to take the first departure from Kårsta to Stockholm.

Here we are at Frescati around 04:40 in the morning. You could see on the picture that a train is coming into the stop. This specific departure is tj3700, which is an empty runt to Lindholmen where half of it will turn back to Stockholm and the other half continue to Kårsta.


Here we are at Lindholmen and the last three carriages on the train is about to be separated with our's as we will continue to Kårsta.

Now we've arrived at Kårsta and the driver is on her way to the other end of the train...

If you look carefully at the destination on the left (from the viewer), I turned it to "Rimbo", which was were the old SRJ went to until the beginning of 1980's.

A picture of the train from the other end, now ready for departure for Stockholm Ö.

Another picture, less focused on the train; instead, on the whole station area.

And now finally! Ready for departure! Signal 271 is green and we are ready to roll!

And back at Lindholmen, bounding for Stockholm Ö. Signal 231 (the one with the two green lights) was acting very weird when we were here. It turned from double green to red, then back to double green, and red again and repeated the same thing for about a minute before it stayed at double green - fixed.

From Lindholmen I packed away my camera equipments as the rest of the route is not really the intention of this trip.


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