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Camera Equipments

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After inspiration from other bus fans' websites, I've decided to dedicate a page showing the cameras, editing programs, etc things that I used and use in order to make this website the way it is with all the pictures and design.


The list is based on how frequently I used that respective item, with #1 as the most common and the highest number as the least common.



#1 - Polaroid PDC 2070*

#2 - Olympus E500 14-45mm/40-150mm**

#3 - Olympus Cameida C-1


Memory Cards:

#1 - Smart Media 128MB - For Polaroid PDC 2070

#2 - Compact Flash 512MB - For Olympus E500 14-45mm/40-150mm

#3 - Smart Media 8MB - For Olympus Camedia C-1


Editing Programs:

#1 - Mircosoft FrontPage 2000

#1 - Adobe Photoshop CS

#2 - Mircosoft Picture It! 7.0***


Other Equipments:

#1 - Two Zuiko lenses, 14-45mm and the 40-150mm.

#1 - Camera bad for the Olympus E500 14-45mm/40-150mm. (Lowepro Micro Trekker 100)


* = I used this camera until the 28th December, then all pictures were taken by Olympus E500 until the 9th January. Then this camera will be used during schooldays.

** = This camera arrived on the 28th December and I've used it throughout the Christmas holidays, however, from 10th January 2006 onwards, this camera will only be used during weekends and special occasions during weekdays.

*** = I've used this program to edit my photos until November 2005. After that, all photos were and are edited in Adobe Photosthop CS.


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