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Bus Tickets

On this page you will find pictures of bus tickets that I've scanned in. Currently, this page consists of just SL Terminskort ("Term card") and SL Sommarlovskort ("Summer Pass"). More scanned in ticketse from around Sweden will be put up eventually, and if you are intersted in a specific one, check with me by dropping an e-mail at


SL Bus Cards

Autumn Term 1999


Spring Term 2000


Autumn Term 2000


Summer Pass 2001


Spring Term 2001

Autumn Term 2001    

Spring Term 2002

Summer Pass 2002    

Aumtumn Term 2002


Spring Term 2003

Summer Pass 2003    

Autumn Term 2003


Spring Term 2004

Summer Pass 2004    
Not available    
Autumn Term 2004    

Spring Term 2005


Not available

Summer Pass 2005    
Autumn Term 2005    

Spring Term 2006

Summer Pass 2006    
Not available    
Autumn Term 2006    
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