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Hello and welcome to! On this website, you will mainly find pictures of SL buses, trains, and subways and now and then some article about SL. This website is so far the only constant updated website containing pictures regarding SL that is in English (as far as I'm concerned); there are other equivalent websites with pictures of SL buses and trains, but in Swedish only.

This website is made on Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and maintained on FrontPage; most pictures you find were edited in Adobe Photoshop CS and please note: this site is completely done during free time, it is not paid by SL nor does it have anything legal relations with SL and its entrepreneurs!

All pictures taken on this website is taken by Yujin Zhang and therefore copyright to Yujin Zhang. You may use the pictures for private use (e.g. printing them out and for looking at home/office), however, they are not to be spread out commercially; all of the pictures you find on this website are protected by the Copyright Law of Sweden (1960:729).

This website is updated constantly, or at least as much as I can during my free time. Sometimes it might not have been updated in a couple of weeks and that might be due to too much schoolwork or simply nothing new from me, but I guarantee you, this website shall be updated at least once a week during the summer holidays.


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Please Note: This is the third version of, therefore some of the pages will say that it's created later than March 28 2006, however, the pictures still remain the same; it's only the layout that is different.

The first version of was online since 9th June 2005 and lasted until July 2005, then the second version lasted between July 2005 and May 2006.

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